5 types of food packing boxes that keep your food fresher

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-10-15
Sandwiches, pizza and pastriesWhat do these foods have in common?They are all packed in durable food boxes to keep them fresh and delicious.The food is only delicious when fresh.In today\'s fast food takeout world, this freshness can only be ensured by packing food in a sealed food box.These boxes prevent outside air, moisture, dust and microorganisms from entering the food, keeping the food fresh and healthy.
Food HOMKEY packaging box can be made from ordinary cardboard or SBS Cardboard recycled ecological packagingFriendly Kraft board.They also have stylish shapes that can be creatively customized to suit the brand.The type of packing box must be selected according to the type of food to be packed, the type of shelfLife, texture, most importantly, manufacturing costs, etc.
Everything from sandwiches to Sundae, from cream cake to cereal, from cafeteria, restaurant, pizzeria to ice cubes is shippedCream shop inside cardboard carton.Stylish and sturdy, ergonomic design, affordable-Everyone\'s favorite is the cardboard food packaging box.This is because the cardboard box is flexible in manufacturing, convenient in customization, and simple in printing.
Its shape and color can fit any brand and can be made to any thickness depending on the product it holds.Due to its versatility, the cardboard food HOMKEY packaging box is designed according to the following varieties.Side-Open on the side of this stylish and elegant paper lunch box, designed in an ergonomic way to store takeout, sweet trays or packages.
This stylish and compact box is the best option to pack an office lunch in a tray, as its flatness helps to place one on the other, which is easy to transport.The office canteen and the take-out counter loved it.Open the food box as a package to transport the food without overflow.
Top-Pack your pizza, burger and submarine in this oil spillproof Top-Open the food box.This top is strong and durableTen boxes are the best choice for packing food at restaurants, pizza shops, subway counters and snack bars.Who likes wet and squishy sandwiches?Avoid damage and destruction of sandwiches packed in these stylish sandwich boxes.
Keep your sandwich intact with their cream, cheese or mayonnaise, and not even stain the corner of the heir.The sandwiches remain crispy and delicious in these sandwich outbox for a few hours until you take a bite.Whether it\'s a birthday or a wedding, the cake is the center of attraction.
Everyone wants to see the delicious cake with cherries and sinful icing on it.Now you can transport the cake smoothly in these sturdy cake boxes.It is very popular in all bakeries and pastry shops.
Wrap take-These packed take-out boxes are rectangular and sturdy and are the best choice for packing rotiBread, rectangular pie and panini.These packaged takeaway boxes are light weight, strong and durable, affordable, easy to use at one time, and are popular at the deli counter.Corrugated or flute boxes are cartons with three layers and corrugated to provide strength and rigidity.
These boxes are widely favored for their strength in transporting consumer goods and retail goods.Corrugated cartons are used in pizza shops for their strength and can be customized in various colors according to the brand.Would you like a burger or a sandwich?Pick one and pack it in these light but spill-proof takeout paper bags.
These paper takeaway bags are best packaged for office workers as they can be stuffed into any small handbag in a minute.Take-out paper bags are the first choice because they are cheap and can be easily customized.Good life comes from delicious food and the food stays good only when packed in the right food box.
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