becker pumps corp. launches education campaign and online store to fight chinese imposter parts

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-10-20
Becker pump is rolling out a defense strategy to deal with flooding
Chinese imported products priced for OEM replacement parts of Becker pumps and compressors.
Becker is implementing an extensive client education program and launching an e-
Commercial sites restrict the sale of real Becker parts through a new online store.
Fake parts have become a big problem for American companies. U. S.
Manufacturers not only lose sales and market share, poor performance, premature failure will also have a negative impact on the manufacturer\'s brand.
Becker\'s solution is a customer education program focused on how to identify counterfeit, non-counterfeit products
OEM parts and related performance issues.
Becker has also launched an online store that gives customers easy access to genuine Becker parts that are only available through the store.
In the past 130, Becker perfected the design and manufacture of oil production lines
Water injection pump, oil-
Free rotating vane pump, regenerative blower and low
Pressure compressor.
The internal components of their pumps and compressors are very high
Tolerance with proprietary carbon chemistry, bonding resin and hardening process.
The original Becker accessories are designed for the working features of the Becker pump.
The most expensive replacement part is the carbon blade used in Becker oil
Less rotary vane pump and tap
There is something broken on the Internet.
The website displays a picture of a Becker part with logo and packaging, and then when the customer clicks on that part, it switches to lowcost off-brand part.
The deceptive language of describing the part makes it unclear for the customer not to order the OEM part.
The real blade of Becker is the worn parts;
They are designed to withstand the heat generated by friction, with the longest service life and consistent performance.
This means holding the vacuum pressure for the entire life of the blade.
At the end of the life, their design does not damage the pump.
The imposter website claims to have the same engineering quality as Becker\'s real carbon blades.
Becker has conducted extensive testing on the off-site. brand vanes.
These blades lose significant vacuum pressure and wear3 times faster.
The blade is prematurely Cup, chip and broken, causing immediate loss of pressure.
They also cause catastrophic pump failures.
When they fail
The brand blade is broken, causing permanent damage to the pump.
Jason Rathbun recently said that as the general manager of Becker pumps in the United States, \"many people don\'t know that most of these cheap imitation blades are made in China and we see the results of using them every day.
When customers try to cut corners using cheap blades, the pump will eventually be fully rebuilt in our repair department.
Trust me, this is not going to save money for customers, especially since it removes the warranty.
If we can get our information from the long-term cost savings of buying our specially designed Becker real blades, we feel that we have provided a service to our customers to improve their oilfree pumps.
Darin Ladd, national sales manager at Becker pump, added, \"Becker\'s We are proud to know that the products we produce meet the highest standards, and have been there for more than 130 years.
Customers think they save a few bucks when they buy cheap carbon blades.
But what is the real cost when the pump fails.
Forget the cost of repairing that pump and even forget the cost of the new pump.
When their production line is not running, the customer must consider the cost of production lost.
This is a huge dollar figure that no one is willing to talk about.
Do they really save money by buying cheap blades?
\"For more information about the whole series of Becker pumps and our new online store, please visit or contact: Jason Rathbun, tel: 330-928-
9966, Becker Pump Company, 100 E.
Ascot Lane, kaihoga Falls, Ohio, 44223-3768.
Full line of oil produced by BackgrounderBecker pumpFlooded oil
Free rotating blade, regeneration and rotary screw vacuum pump and low
Pressure compressor.
These pumps are integrated into complete central systems and variable frequency drive units, offering an economical and eco-friendly alternative to standard models.
Becker has an international networking development team working with customers to provide pumps for equipment manufacturers to suit their applications.
Manufactured according to Germany\'s highest quality standards, Becker has brought first-class engineering to the global market for more than 130 years and is the first pump manufacturer to provide an online shopping experience.
Becker pumps can be found on almost all types of equipment used in many different industries, including food packaging, printing, carpentry, paper making, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage, dairy products, chemical, medical devices and consumer packaging.
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