Can I get any discount on jewelry gift boxes in my first order?
The price of jewelry gift boxes can be negotiable depending on different situations. Under special occasions such as Black Friday, Christmas Day, and other discount seasons, Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd always offers discounts for different types of our products accordingly. In addition, if you ask for a large number of quantities, we can offer you a favorable price as well. Anyway, our favorable price is applicable to both new customers and repeat customers. If you have needs for the products and other special requirements, please refer to our Customer Service Department immediately.

Homkey Packaging is world-famous for both excellence in manufacturing premium quality custom cardboard boxes and greatness in offering intimate service. cosmetic box is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. This product is colorfast, meaning that it won’t fade easily after multiple pieces of washing, although it will become softer. It is widely used in the fields of cosmetics, food, wine, and jewelry. This product is a worthy investment for room decoration as it can make people's room a little more comfortable and clean. It is convenient to store as its structure makes full use of the space.

Homkey Packaging wants to make our jewelry gift boxes sell to all over the world. Please contact.
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