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by:Homkey Packaging     2020-03-02
Any product-based business needs to be transported or shipped by logistics.Corrugated packaging is one of the reliable ways to accomplish this task.Products such as pizza, electronics, gifts, baked goods and some other FMCG products are the most common/frequently used customers in corrugated boxes.
If your company also sells high-quality corrugated boxes on the market, RegaloPrint is the best supplier of printing and packaging solutions providers in the US and Canada.You will find that hundreds of our satisfied customers will prove the truth of this statement.How does our corrugated box perform in the market?Build more of usPurpose: the corrugated box is stronger and helps to protect the internal contents from bad weather and transportation damage.
They can be built in a customized way to accommodate the different weights and sizes of the customer\'s products.We offer thousands of corrugated boxes for various products.You can add or remove the thickness layers of these ripples according to the weight and protection measures of the product.
Our printing team enables you to print customized boxes for personalized effects.Plain B-slot corrugated without coating, easy to assemble and protect the food inside.It can also be used for other foods such as muffins, cupcakes and donuts.
It is useful to protect your goods in extremely humid weather conditions.Multi-size cubic double/single wall corrugated carton for safe shipping products.Clear white corrugated carton with your logo printed on it for excellent results.
Super powerful but lightweight color or white mail bag with affordable postage.They do not require glue or adhesive tape and are easy to assemble and resist extrusion.Multi-Use: corrugated box, easy to pick and store items.
Low-priced corrugated boxes are easy to assemble to easily display and organize your products.These folders, also known as book folders or book packages, have four flaps that can cover shallow depth products (books, magazines, and photo frames) by arranging them into different depths ).Multi-The name says almost everything, and these boxes can be set to multiple heights for reuse.
The side loading box facilitates the loading of flat objects such as frames, mirrors and glass plates
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