Does Homkey Packaging have export licence?
As an exporter in China, it is important to get an export license. The supplier without the export license may encounter trouble in customs, causing delay of product delivery or generating extra costs. Neither of this is welcomed by you, so choose a supplier with an export license. Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd has got the export license for many years and has exported without hassles chocolate box offers to many countries. If you are looking for a reliable exporter in China, we are a pretty good choice.

Homkey Packaging overpasses other custom cardboard boxes manufacturers and suppliers in China because of the quality and price. wine gift box is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. Homkey Packaging chocolate box offers is designed and manufactured at par the market prevalent norms. With paper board or plastic plate fixed inside, the product securely pack the gift This product features extra strength and moisture resistance. Its materials slow down the penetration of water, allowing it not to lose its application properties in humid conditions. Moulds are impossible to be found on the surface of the product.

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