how corrugated boxes are made cd-rom.

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How do CD-corrugated carton:
This interactive disc
The ROM outlines many of the complex processes involved in the production of corrugated cartons and introduces terminology, equipment and trouble shooting techniques.
This is ideal for factory operators, new employees and others who need a basic understanding of how corrugated cartons are made and how their personal operations fit into the big picture.
Specific topics include :【
Slightly] Illustrations
* Pulp and production of corrugated liners and media the main components and basic processes involved * the role of heat and steam in the corrugated process and the components of the steam system * main components and functional corrugated equipment, includes recent technical changes * standard and performance of combination plates such as compression strength and bending stiffness properties * starch preparation and preparation systems * conversion and printing equipment and Styles * box terms and styles. tappi.
Organization of system requirements.
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