How many brands are marketed by Homkey Packaging?
A brand embodies the core of what your business is and what your company value is. When buying a product, lots of customers tend to trust a brand as they believe it is more reliable. Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd has already understood the important impact of a brand to customers’ purchase decision and has built our own brand - Homkey Packaging - for many years. And over these years of development, our brand is widely appreciated and stand out from the competitors for quality, reliability, and integrity.

In the printed packaging boxes industry, Homkey Packaging is a pioneer thanks to the intimate after-sales service and premium goods. printed packaging boxes is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. our company custom makeup packaging is manufactured utilizing premium quality materials sourced from the certified vendors. It is easy to take out the gift from the product. The product is strong because designing and manufacturing are executed using highly automated machines and computer-aided designing technology, which effectively result in products with great structural strength. With paper board or plastic plate fixed inside, the product securely pack the gift

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