How many employees in Homkey Packaging?
We have 50+ employees at Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd. We ensure that each department has at least five talents so that the business can run smoothly. Of this, the professionals at the production department should be highlighted. They are a strong support to our order processing and business expansion. It is their continued efforts and well-arranged workflow that guarantee the high-quality, on-time delivery. It is notable that we have a new plan to develop products that are focused on certain countries and regions and that we would recruit more talents for this sector. The increasing number of employees is the showcase of our business development.

Homkey Packaging is very strong capable of manufacturing cosmetic box and meanwhile, providing intimate service. custom cardboard boxes is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. Each Homkey Packaging custom makeup packaging consists of certified raw materials as standard. Its printing quality is guaranteed through ManRoland R706 offset press and other machines. For people who pay more attention to the quality of decoration, this product is the preferred choice because its style is consistent with any style of a room. Made of biodegradable film, the product is found to be environmentally friendly.

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