How many people in Homkey Packaging export department?
The export team accounts for a considerable part of our overall workforce as they are a crucial part of making your business run. Thanks to them, Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd is exporting products to more and more countries and regions. They are well-educated on exporting, knowing clearly the exporting regulations and standards of overseas markets. They are experienced and able to promptly and accurately understand the requirements of overseas customers. As we continue to expand our exporting business, we will offer more training programs to help our export team develop skills and expertise and we will also introduce more export talents.

Homkey Packaging is currently expanding the business quickly in China and foreign countries. chocolate packaging is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. The simple and unique design makes Homkey Packaging small gift boxes wholesale convenient to use. Various printing techniques are adopted, like varnishing, lamination, foil stamping, and embossing. This product not only acts as a functional and useful element in a room but also a beautiful element that can add to the overall room design. The product is 100% manufactured by 300 experienced workers.

We provide various outstanding custom cardboard boxes, which can meet almost all the needs of users. Inquire now!
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