How many production lines does Homkey Packaging run?
In order to satisfy the market demands for box of wine , Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd sets up several production lines consisting of adequate processing machines and proficient workers. The production lines perform well in productivity increase and labour cost saving. In the business peaks, these production lines can work normally to fulfill seasonal output objectives. While in business troughs, we will use some of the production lines to reduce redundancy and unnecessary expenses. On the whole, these product lines play an important role in the supply of the product.

Homkey Packaging surpasses other companies regarding the manufacturing of jewelry gift boxes of high quality. cosmetic box is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. The appearance of Homkey Packaging cosmetic packaging is designed by an experienced design team. This product comes with moisture and mold resistance, making it ideal for these high humidity areas by reducing the effect of water on the surfaces.

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