How to Resize a Cardboard Box

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-10-16
Cartons are available in a variety of sizes but sometimes do not have the right size.Make and purchase adjustable-sized boxes.These boxes usually allow only the height of the box to be adjusted.By reducing postage, saving wrapping paper and reducing packaging materials, adjusting the size of the box to fit objects that do not waste space can save money.
Adjusting the size of the carton also provides a good way to recycle.Assemble the cardboard box and place the object inside.Measure the number of excess widths.Cling the object to one side of the carton.
Measure the open space between the object and the other side of the box.Take items out of the box.Cut the box along a corner.The box will be fully open now and flat.Reduce the excess measurements by 1 inch and cut off the remaining parts from one side of the carton.The edge of the connection is scored half an inch from the edge.
To rate the box, cut the cardboard in half.Overlap the two score sections and use double-sided adhesive.By placing a piece of packing glue along the inner corner to bring the reinforcing joint.
Reassemble the new size box.
Temporarily assemble the cardboard box and place the object inside.Determine the new height of the carton.This can be done by placing a straight edge at the top of the object and marking the position on the side of the box.Measure from the top of the box to the new height.
Mark this position in four corners of the box.Starting with the new mark, cut two cuts on the corner of the box, 1/4 apart from each other.1/4-Extra flaps in inches.This allows the new top flaps to be placed well after the box is closed.
Draw a straight line between the bottom of the new slit around the box.It is recommended to use a ruler to ensure that the straight line is straight.Score along a straight line to create a new flap.
Assemble the box.
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