men\'s jewelry boxes - preserves your collection in style

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-02-20
In most cases, jewelry boxes are related to women, but men also need to keep items safely.
The men\'s jewelry box has different names such as valet box, watch box, cuff box and tie Nail Box.
Unlike women, men\'s jewelry boxes are wooden, stylish, practical and delicate.
Most of these boxes are made of burl wood or hardwood floors and it talks about style and statement.
Different men\'s jewelry boxes have vivid uses: 1.
Watch box: The watch series talks about personal style and taste, not the necessary clocks.
All these expensive watches need to be careful and there is no risk of damage.
The watch box protects the surface of the watch and keeps the strap in good condition. 2.
Cuff case: The cuff is usually only used for special occasions and formal events.
In order for your offspring to be able to store them in the cuff box and keep them in their original state. 3.
Tie Nail Box: if the tie is not organized, it will be a different task to find a perfect tie to match your suit.
A tie-in box makes it easy for you to find one. 4.
Valet box: the best way to impress your wife is to keep your wallet, wallet, credit card, key, coin, ring, cuff or watch in this storage solution.
These boxes have a wide range of options in the market.
The most fashionable function is: 1.
Handmade Italian marquetry: This men\'s box has an Italian marquetry on top of the roll.
It has jewelry compartments, hooks for necklaces and bracelets, and mirrors on the lid.
This box is designed for men. 2.
Mele Carson: The black box has a lift cover with a thin storage space inside the lid, split section, coin slide, two padded watch cushions, hand-lined ivory surface fabric.
It has white contrast stitching, snap. 3.
Men\'s thin: This stylish and lovely design is elegant and concise, adding artistic beauty no matter where it is displayed.
This jewelry box works well for many men with only a few watches, rings and cufflinks. 4.
Men\'s size: This box is designed for medium jewelry collection.
They are the most popular size.
It is both practical and attractive.
The tray provides a place to store the clothes he wears every day. 5.
Men\'s country finish and Walnut: this high-gloss piano finish solid wood jewelry box is decorated in black enamel with burgundy velvet fabric inside.
The lid includes bags and necklaces.
There is a single lifting tray with compartments, four cufflinks, studs, rings, etc.
Besides that, it also has brass hardware. 6.
Leather: The box comes with a black tie with a silver border and two lifting trays with watch pillows, ring rolls, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks and all jewelry needs.
It has the putty color inside the silsuede and is sewn into the bag with a necklace hook.
Silver key lock and hinge. 7.
Bianca lock bubmaple maple wood: a jewelry box designed with stylish modern lines and delicate dome covers.
The box has a combination of six cufflinks or guard strips.
10 spacious separate compartments for bracelets and brooch.
This is a soft Champagne suede liner.
There are still many men\'s jewelry boxes made of the best materials on the market.
The design is precise and the production is perfect, resulting in the best jewelry box.
These boxes are indeed a memorable gift for a special person.
By giving them away, you can really make a statement about a man in your life.
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