\'Once you open it, it\'s such overkill\': Customers raise concerns over \'excessive\' legal cannabis packaging

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-02-11
Some cannabis buyers complain that this bulky package is not friendly to the environment, but producers say the government\'s guidelines are the culprit.
Greg McLean, who found some new legal marijuana at Nova Scotia Liquor last week, was shocked to see how many packs four grams of marijuana used: two plastic containers, two cartons and a transparent plastic shell, all in a brown paper bag.
\"My initial reaction was a bit of a shock because so much packaging came with such a small amount of plant material,\" he said . \".
\"I am also a medical user of marijuana, and I have been buying different pharmacies online from certified providers, and nothing is like that. Like, ever. Crazy. It’s unneeded.
According to the guidelines of Health Canada, packaging must prevent cannabis contamination and be tampered
Prove, be a childresistant —
This product is often sold before it is legalized.
\"Do they really need this,\" said McLean, 37 ? \".
\"I mean, they don\'t have a child-proof cap on the bottle sold by NSLC, and a bottle of vodka kills a child.
Candice Macdonald also bought marijuana on legalisation day, and was equally shocked when she went home to open the package, which was layered. She bought 5.
5G, each strain is packed in a different container.
Out of curiosity, the one gram she bought for her weighed \"very hard plastic container\" and she was shocked to find it nearly 40 times heavier than the product --
Pack 38 grams of one gram of weed.
\"It\'s too much once you open it.
There\'s a Fool for You
I might have half an ounce in it, \"she said.
Alan rewack, executive director of the Canadian cannabis Council, said the industry had been \"for some time\" concerned about potential waste transfer issues, but also understood Health Canada\'s cautious attitude.
All packaging and warning signs must have a certain size and also have child protection, which increases the use of materials, said Rewak.
\"It has to include real estate, to say, including all the warning labels and warning signs set by the federal government, as well as the consumption tax,\" he said . \".
\"The good news is that most products are recyclable in packaging.
Rewak\'s organization, representing licensed medical cannabis producers, said the industry wanted to work with the government to reduce packaging.
He said the warning could be included on the plug-in inside the package already sealed with the consumption tax seal.
\"This is something we have to focus on in a timely manner, especially as sales continue to increase, because we don\'t want this to be the cause of our environmental degradation --
In fact, we want it to be the opposite.
\"Myrna Gillis, CEO of Aqualitas, one of the three licensed cannabis producers in Nova Scotia, said the company had been aware of environmental issues since customers raised environmental concerns.
While they do not yet have a sales license, she said Aqualitas is working with a packaging company to try to design eco-friendly containers that are in line with the Health Canada guidelines.
\"So, the packaging meets the requirements of the regulatory authorities, but it is recyclable and there is less plastic,\" says Gillis . \".
\"We are also looking at the potential to recycle cannabis, and let the packaging also contain some of the features of the cannabis plant itself.
Health Canada spokesman Mary Duret provided a link to the cannabis regulations when seeking advice, and requested that any further questions on how the provinces choose to comply with the regulations be addressed to the provinces.
She will not comment further on environmental issues.
Andrew Preper, spokesman for the legalization of cannabis in Nova Scotia, said that licensed producers decide their own packaging while following Health Canada\'s rules, and the province itself is not involved in cannabis packaging.
Mark Butler, policy director at Halifax
The company, which is based at the eco-action center, said the issue reflects greater environmental responsibility imposed on customers.
\"I don\'t want to reduce the importance of safety . . . . . . But I also think that you see the environment over and over again, or the recycling of materials or packaging, saying: \"This is the last thought of by the manufacturer, marketer or producer . \".
\"It should be one of the original ideas, because inevitably, what is happening, what has to be dealt with is not the company that produces and sells the product, it is you and I, standing in front of our blue box, trying to figure it out, or the municipalities have to deal with all of this waste.
And pay the price.
He added,
Packaging is a problem for all products, not just marijuana.
MacDonald said she was also worried because some cannabis packs could not be re-sealed, meaning she needed to find another package to put in.
Overpackaging could prompt her to buy more marijuana in large quantities, she said, and she has been looking forward to trying different varieties of marijuana.
\"It\'s one of the benefits of legalization, is having all of these options and knowing exactly what THC is about, trying all of these different strains that we couldn\'t reach before,\" she said.
\"I really want to buy one.
But the fact that it\'s in a box with plastic really makes me think twice, and that\'s for sure. ”
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