the long-term effects of occupational exposure to vinyl chloride monomer on microcirculation: a cross-sectional study 15u2005years after retirement

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-10-16
Evaluate the target for the remaining time
15 years after occupational exposure to vinyl chloride monomer, the term blood circulation abnormality was examined with a capillary mirror (VCM). Design Cross-Segmentation Research
One of the main areas of PVC production in France, anliya.
We screened 761 participants (97% men)
Retired workers exposed to chemical toxic substances.
Exposure to chemicals other than VCM excluded potential participants.
Primary and secondary outcomes measure the physical examination of these participants, including microscopic examination, Renault symptoms and complications, as well as a survey to determine the time of exposure, direct or indirect contact, type of occupation, smoking status and time after exposure.
Double-blind analysis of under-mirror images.
The control group matched in terms of age, gender and occupation type.
As a result, 179/761 retired workers were only exposed to VCM at work, of which 21 met the inclusion criteria, including.
Exposure time 29. 8±1.
9 years and 15 years after exposure. 9±2. 4u2005years.
Retired workers previously exposed to VCM had significantly higher photogenic modifications than 35 controls: enlarged capillaries (19% vs 0%, p
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