wall mounted mirrored jewelry boxes - saves floor and table space

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-02-15
Do you know the real secret of buying a gift for a woman?
It\'s worth putting some ideas, time and effort into it, not just going to the store to get the rest.
If you\'re confused, here\'s a tip to make your wife like the mirrored jewelry box that\'s installed on the wall.
The height of these boxes varies.
They usually have stacked drawers, and some also include hooks where longer jewelry such as necklaces can be hung.
These artworks are perfect for people who like to break away from their daily storage solutions and favor a more organized individual and stylish look.
The wall-mounted mirror jewelry box covers a variety of styles to help you find a jewelry box that suits your decoration.
Several are jewelry boxes for men and women, suitable for men or women.
Here are some popular types of these wall-mounted jewelry boxes.
Each has its own unique appeal and design to ensure the safety of your jewelry.
Just choose what you like.
Mirror jewelry box, white finish: there is a mirror behind this attractive box with a mirror designed to store a range of jewelry.
There is plenty of room to store necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.
Mirror White jewelry box: Open the box and display the storage space of the jewelry.
It has a perfect organizational system.
Magnetic closing closes the mirror door firmly.
The three beige felt lining sections can easily organize larger necklaces, while the smaller ones are perfect for shorter necklaces or bracelets.
There are seven rows of rings and earrings.
Medium Oak jewelry mirror box: it is a box with mirrors and jewelry cabinets.
Box in medium oak finish.
Mirror Cherry jewelry box: this is a beautiful box that provides the space needed to store the jewelry while saving floor and desktop space.
It has a perfect organizational system.
Magnetic closing closes the mirror door firmly.
Mirror jewelry box: open in front of the mirror to show a vast storage area for all your jewelry.
It holds necklaces and bracelets with 20 dec movable pins, and organizes rings, earrings, etc. in seven Buffer rows.
It is easy to connect to the wall via two key hole hangers on the back.
It has a magnetic closure, a mid-fiber board with a finish, a glass mirror and a beige felt lining.
The wall-mounted storage system is a found \"gem \"!
It offers the best
Organize space for your baby while saving floor and desktop space.
Any of these jewelry boxes will bring a great gift to yourself or someone else.
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