what\'s stopping you? shoddy chinese brake pads gain market share

by:Homkey Packaging     2020-10-19
Next time you step on the brake pedal of your car or truck, consider: Do you know who made your brake pads?
There is no Canadian mandatory standard for replacing brake pads, \"which is a huge problem because we are dumping a lot of Chinese products into Canada, announced Rick Jamieson, chief executive of ABS Friction.
A pad manufacturer in Guelph, Ontario.
In the fear of the Chinese
Lead in toys, melamine in dog food, and poison in toothpaste, although the government believes that the use of mobile phones can lead to crashes, jamieson said: \"Maybe the man\'s brake pads on the car didn\'t stop fast enough. \".
He asserted that ABS has its own research center to test the product, \"most of what goes into Canada is not safe and nobody is worried . \".
\"We have the standard for car glass and you can replace it on the windshield, but we don\'t have the standard to stop the car.
\"There are mandatory requirements for the original --
Equipment brake system, as well as brake pads in the European after-sales market.
In Canada, except heavy
Truck parts, only one \"self
Certification Plan for replacement pad manufacturers and importers.
Voluntary standards exist, especially BEEP-
Evaluation procedure of braking efficiency
Provide protection for consumers.
However, \"This is an industry --
\"Drive,\" observed Dennis Laporte, spokesman for the Canadian Standards Board, a royal company reporting to the federal minister of industry.
\"There is no mandatory requirement to pass the test lab, such as electrical products.
Eric Collard, spokesman for Transport Canada, confirmed that \"we do not regulate any after-sales vehicles --\"
According to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, related products \"in addition to child seats and tires.
\"What we found was really scary,\" said Ray albersman, chairman of Nucap Industries.
A company in Toronto that produces steel pads for braking
Pad friction material.
In testing at the Nucap R & D center, \"of every 1,000 pads we check, at least five or seven pads are completely separated from steel, arbesman said.
Arbesman said that some people were ignited, \"What we found in the friction material is terrible,\" adding that the brakes have become the main cause of the car fire.
Imports from China and elsewhere look as good as North America
He said: \"But there is something in it that no one knows. \"At BEEP-
Jamieson said the certified ABS Friction, \"I exported the goods, and the excessive number of brake pads in Canada is a Chinese product --
Chinese products are really cheap.
\"Some people don\'t even label their country of origin,\" he said . \" He urged all pads sold in Canada to at least beep.
He didn\'t see anything completely fake.
Inferior pads of fake brandsname packaging.
But Jamieson said: \"cheap imported products will eventually lead to a lot of car accidents that people don\'t realize are caused by brake pads . \".
\"I\'m not saying that every part of China is bad.
But we know it\'s safe to have five factories in China.
There are 400 over there.
Sun Jinhuan, spokesman for the business Virgin of the Chinese consulate, said, \"there will inevitably be some inferior quality products;
This is the truth.
\"If you pay more, you get quality products,\" she added . \"
Jamieson said that some pads will automatically stop when the panic is simulated on the ABS Friction metering machine. destruct —
The brake pads will really break down and break down into pieces.
He added: \"Many contain undisclosed asbestos, endanger mechanical health and create carcinogenic dust in the environment when they wear out.
Vaughan Tanaka, the owner of a separate garage in Toronto, said: \"There are cheap mats everywhere in the market . \".
\"Don\'t play around --
Put it on top-of-
You can get the line pad.
In addition to the safety issue, Tanaka said, \"If you put inferior mats on it, they usually wear faster and make a lot of noise . \".
Jamieson of ABS Friction said: \"But for many drivers and installers,\" it has been sprinting towards low prices\"
Drivers don\'t usually save much, adding, replacing profits with cuts
Provide price products to garage operators or garage suppliers.
\"When you put your foot on the pedal, you have a leap of blind faith, and the mat your mechanic puts on your car is able to do the job.
\"Arbesman of Nucap estimates that 40 of the brake pads sold in North America are from overseas, many of which are supplied to the brand --
Name of manufacturer and retailer.
His staff were upset about visiting companies in China that assessed the desire to obtain a license to use Nucap accessory technology.
Weak steel and suspicious friction materials are common, he says, and quality certification is just a \"big disguise \".
\"This is unregulated and the situation is getting worse and worse if you don\'t.
\"Except for the original payment --
He added that the equipment pad of the new car dealer or the designated high-end after-sales market brand, \"you are a consumer who can\'t control it at all . \".
\"Consumers do not know;
\"The Mechanic does not know,\" Arbesman asserted . \".
\"It is believed that the brake pads are done according to strict specifications.
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