When was Homkey Packaging established?
Homkey Packaging Company Co.,Ltd was set up when wholesale packaging supplies was first launched into markets. Therefore, we have rich experience in producing and supplying the product. Now, we have cooperated with mature and reliable materials suppliers to ensure on-time transport of materials and accountable quality. We form practicable manufacturing procedures which in line with lean production principles. The fast turnover of the products within our production lines help Homkey Packaging achieve lead time promptly. The fast operation of our plants and equipment, workers, and product together prove our healthy development.

Homkey Packaging concentrates on the manufacturing of cosmetic box of excellence. chocolate packaging is the main product of Homkey Packaging. It is diverse in variety. It is waterproof. The ideal level of waterproof coating which is applied to the interior side of the base fabric achieves its waterproofness without compromising tear-strength. It comes with a premium textured surface, making the gift more novel and elegant. The use of this product can help reduce the use of energy or power amount, which directly contributes to the cutting costs of manufacturers. Its size, pattern, and color can be customized.

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