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by:Homkey Packaging     2020-02-29
The wine packaging has many shapes and sizes and has varied styles over the years.
There are generally three types of wine packaging-
Box, bag or glass paper packaging.
The difficulty of wine packaging lies in meeting the multiple types, shapes and sizes of wine bottles, which, after all, is the whole reason for the existence of the packaging industry.
There are three main types of wine bottles --
Burgundy, Bordeaux and porkbertel.
Like Bordeaux, the height of burgundy is about 360mm.
The diameter of both is about 90mm at the bottom.
The main focus of this article is the box, but before expanding the various packaging of the box, I will simply talk about the other styles.
Wine bags are mainly packaged in paper and are mainly used in gift packaging.
Since the structure of wine bags is not very strong, they are not very useful for postal transportation because they do not adequately protect the bottles.
However, the advantage is that the bag can be printed on it more easily.
It is also more versatile as it can more easily meet bottles of different sizes.
In the end, bags are often cheaper than boxes.
Glass paper packaging is perhaps the cheapest form of wine packaging.
However, it is often used as a parcel around the box, and only when combined with other decorations (such as bows, ribbons, etc. ) will it be visually emotional.
There are three varieties of wine boxes-
Cartons, wooden boxes and shipping boxes.
Wooden cases are often the top products of wine gift packaging.
They are often the most expensive and take up a lot of space in storage.
Although the wooden boxes are relatively strong, they are also more expensive and heavy.
Cardboard wine boxes offer a more cost-effective option that can provide some very attractive visuals.
They are cheaper, can be packed flat, easy to store, strong enough for postal use and can be printed more easily.
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