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Based in China for over two decades,Homkey packaging is a print expert in secondary packaging design and manufacture.Our manufacturing sites are ISO qualified.We serve multiple industries including wine & beverages,beauty and cosmetics,fragrances ,food & confectionery,fashion and jewelry,gift,retail,promotional & limited edition Items.We can provide a wide range of services and solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients. We offer kinds of premium and sustainable materials,such as paper,rigid board,fabric,specialty paper or wood.

- Design and Prototyping - Customized Packaging Materials - Structural Engineering - Custom Inserts and Dividers - Printing and Finishing - Artisan Craftsmanship - Limited Edition and Special Collections - Sustainable Packaging Solutions - Quality Control - Consultation and Collaboration - Kitting, assembly As a luxury packaging supplier we specialize in creating high-end, premium packaging solutions that enhance the perceived value and appeal of luxury products.We are the production experts and the creative designers’ choice.We partner with luxury brands and design agencies, studios.

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