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        Invite to one's side men of wisdom and Valor

  We sincerely welcome all kinds of talents to join in the idea of "making good use of virtue, choosing jobs with ability, and making remuneration with contributions".

  Homkey Packaging Group is a company focusing on and cherishing talents. With professional scientific research level, good performance, excellent working environment and grand blueprint for development, the company attracts many professional talents. If you are a professional proficient, can bring new ideas, new ideas, and will continue to gain new heights in the industry, I am a senior expert, technician or salesman. We invite you to join the sails and pack it!

  In Homkey Packaging Group, we hope to witness the growth of employees from new people to expertise; in Homkey Packaging Group, we hope to help employees achieve progress from a novice to a single side; in Homkey Packaging Group, we expect employees to be able to make full use of their intelligence and work with the company. In Homkey Packaging Group, we hope to grow together with every employee.

  Here, you can get a new height and realize your value to a greater extent.

  Thank you for your attention to Homkey Packaging. For more information about recruitment, please feel free to contact us.

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