The Development Trend of Plastic Packaging in the Market


Due to the very different nature of food, there are different results in the selection of printed plastic bag materials, which also constitutes the increasing variety of packaging materials touched by the food packaging profession today. Although plastic packaging data has not yet been completed, it is still the most common part of the food packaging profession. According to the analysis, the following trends will appear in the plastic packaging data mall.

Packaging lightweight

  Lightweight was a commonly used industrial vocabulary at the time. It was used to describe the practice of using less data to reduce the weight of the packaging. The packaging category is increasingly fond of lightweight information, and almost every plastic packaging focuses on this in terms of shape and structure. Reducing the weight and thickness of packaging materials is facing many battles. After lightweight packaging, the need to adhere to the function and function of the original packaging is a major test for the production skills of lightweight packaging materials. In the past few years, after a series   of data innovation and skills, packaging lightweight has now made great progress.

Utility film

  In recent years, the momentum of plastic film shopping malls is strong, showing a significant increase in the growth trend of shopping malls such as paper packaging, cardboard, aluminum foil and other traditional packaging materials. Along with the thinning of the packaging film, the usefulness of the film is stronger, which has contributed to the higher speed of growth in this mall. In a shopping mall at such a high speed, there will be an increasing number of companies investing in functional films in the future, and then they can accelerate skills innovation and promote the emergence of new products.

Biological plastics

  It is well known that oil is a scarce capital that can not be reclaimed. The imbalance in the reserves of oil capital of various countries and the predatory excavation of it by developed countries have become important factors that have caused instability in the international situation. As a result, the development of biodegradation data and the reduction of the cost of petrochemical industrial capital have gradually become the same as the international countries, especially the developed countries. Over the years, the skills have developed very rapidly, increasing the number of bioplastics out of today's packaging category.

In-module labelling packaging

  In-mold labeling skills have been introduced into China's plastic packaging shopping malls more than 10 years ago, and have caused a lot of tremors in the industry. However, due to various factors, it has not been able to achieve a breakthrough in the country, and its share of shopping malls is still very small. Happily, the past two years has been ice covered for many years in the domestic model label packaging shopping mall to start from scratch, in the plastic packaging shopping mall set off a small climax. Especially in the category of instant consumer packaging, under the pressure of rising labor costs, the number of fast consumer products companies that investigate and select in-model packaging skills in shopping malls is no less than a few.

Bento packaging

  In the past, packaging did its homework on shelf display, protection, and ease of transportation, but there was still a lack of packaging lunch function. Today, with the improvement of living standards and the acceleration of the social rhythm, consumers 'requests for packaging continue to improve, and then promote packaging on the independence and development. Many plastic packaging used to be necessary to open with teeth or scissors, but now most such packaging has a more convenient and quick way to open.

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