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Tissue Paper & Wrapping Paper


Homkey Packaging is offering tissue paper and wrapping paper.
Both types of paper used for various purposes, often related to packaging and gift wrapping. 

  • Tissue Paper:
    • Composition: Tissue paper is a lightweight and thin paper product. It is typically made from recycled paper pulp or wood pulp.
    • Properties: Tissue paper is known for its soft and delicate texture. It is translucent, and it comes in various colors. The paper is often used for decorative and protective purposes.
      • Uses:
      • Gift Wrapping: Tissue paper is commonly used in gift wrapping to add a decorative and colorful touch to presents.
      • Crafts: It is popular for various craft projects due to its versatility and easy manipulation.
      • Packaging: Tissue paper is also used for wrapping delicate items to provide cushioning and protection.

  • Wrapping Paper:
    • Composition: Wrapping paper is a more substantial and often glossy paper used specifically for wrapping gifts.
    • Properties: It comes in rolls and sheets and can be printed with various designs, patterns, and colors. Some wrapping paper is coated for added durability and a shiny finish.
      • Uses:
      • Gift Wrapping: The primary use of wrapping paper is to cover and decorate gifts, providing a visually appealing presentation.
      • Seasonal Decor: Wrapping paper often features seasonal designs, making it popular during holidays and special occasions.
      • Crafts and DIY Projects: Some people also use wrapping paper for crafting and DIY projects due to its decorative nature.

Both tissue paper and wrapping paper serve aesthetic and functional purposes in gift packaging.
Tissue paper is often used to fill space, add a decorative layer, or protect items within a gift box.
Wrapping paper, on the other hand, is the outer layer that conceals and beautifies the overall presentation of a gift.
Both types of paper are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes to suit different preferences and occasions.

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