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Basically you have two Process Flows

Once we get the Final Product  and  Marketing Requirements-

1.We build the packaging  from concept to production. (this is the preferred process)

By developing a project from the start we can reduce  variables and limit any missing information up front so we can locked down the project for Production.  (Review step above)

2.We take a design that already exists or has been packaged for production.Then we evaluate and fill in any missing information in the design package. Then we quote , confirm print , and run production. 


We offer white and full color sampling for our clients ,one off or small sample runs.

  • Setup Boxes

  • Folded Boxes

  • Bags /Mailers

  • Thermoform Plastics

  • Tubes


Step 1: Set up the file and define the finishes and materials needed to run samples.

Step 2: Once defined  it will take 6-8 days to produce color samples 2-3 day for white sample*.

Step 3: Ship*  

General Charges for samples :

Unprinted Sample_It will depend on complexity.  In general ($200 + shipping)**

Printed Samples_Would  also depend on complexity but would also add cost of process and finishes.  In general.( starts at $250+shipping)**

*Shipping term to be determined, contact for final terms and quotes . 

*Sampling cost can be  absorbed in part or in full depending on production.

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