Food packaging design is also crucial


There is a soy milk concept package. It is understood that it is the Russian brand acting organization KIAN planned for the soy milk brand "Soy Mamelle". It looks like a cow's chest and likes it very much. In addition to being beautiful and obvious, planners also hope that through its extraordinary shape, consumers will be reminded that the milk source in Soy Mamelle's milk comes from real milk; The natural, healthy brand image can be completed by fresh green packaging. Trust a lot of people with the same small editor, will be fascinated by the shape of this package, color or meaning, and then the excitement of purchasing. This also directly shows the importance of printing bags, and it is also said that clear shape, color, and meaning are the main factors for thinking about packaging planning negligence.Packing plan  Food packaging in the shape of planning, will think of consumers and goods two aspects. From the consumer's point of view, shopping malls tend to be convenient for packaging planning, such as with convenience, easy to use and so on. Therefore, soft packaging planning and diversified scale planning has become one of the mainstream trends of packaging planning. From the perspective of commodities, packaging shape planning will usually start from the origin of raw materials, commodity functions and other features. For example, the planning of the natural mineral water bottle of Nongfu Mountain Springs, which has achieved great success today, has the idea of a smooth bottle from falling water droplets.Printing packagesPackaging color blending In many commodity packaging planning, all can be the most convenient, eye-catching, pleasing to attract consumers to pay attention. Rich colors convey a variety of different tastes, showing different quality styles and decoration charm.

The choice and combination of colors is very important in the packaging planning, and it is usually the key to determine whether the packaging planning is good or bad. Under the influence of very few doctrines, the traditional colors have been bundled with characteristics, and combined with the modern packaging planning theory and the characteristics of commodities, the packaging without colorful gold, silver, black, white and gray was selected for planning. It shows the permanent beauty of the commodity. The special nature of the non-six-color system provides a stage for the display of charm for the packaging planning of many commodities.Packing meaning integration  In addition to the unique appearance and color, it can be shown that the special meaning of the packaging is always simpler to obtain consumer consensus. Vibrant packaging usually incorporates specific civilizational connotations or civilizational connotations. The author believes that this kind of civilization should include brand civilization, enterprise civilization, science and technology civilization, history civilization, etc.. With civilization, nature will show "grade." The so-called "belly has poetry and books from China" has no special meaning. The gorgeous packaging may appear pale due to the support of the short civilization, and it is difficult to lead to everyone's psychological consensus. Then it is difficult to get consumers to psychologically identify with the brand.  Packaging planning is not only a way to improve customer procurement desire, but also a brand civilization. The common packaging is not only a symbol of the brand, but also a silent spokesperson for the goods. Together with the promotion of the goods and brands, it also affects the consumer's desire to purchase.

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